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Should you wish to contact us via email, please click the "contact us" link.
The Doc Branch Band
Eddie and the Harley -- Our Newest CD
Having a website is high-tech enough for now.We're not ready for Pay Pal or online charge purchases. If you would like a copy our newest CD, please send us a check or money order, and add $2.15 postage, order along with your address. You can also buy them at our performances. $10
Johnny has graciously volunteered to hand-deliver Doc Branch items to any single women in the Triangle who place orders. This way you can save on the postage.
What a guy!
Please send Check or Money Order to: Johnny Taylor, P.O. Box 71065, Durham, NC 27722
Other Doc Branch Band Cds
Live at the Rex
is a double Cd recorded
at the historic Rex Theater
in Galax, Virginia. $10
Our First. Sponsored by
Sho'nuff Biscuit Flour
Ancient Airwaves
Or get an all-cotton Tee or Ball Cap for $10 each.